I have moved

Hi friends! It's been a while here. I have been busy with work and generally getting things done. I also wish to inform you that I have now moved to tsadekola.com.ng. My old posts will still be here but I will no longer write here. Thank you.  



On what grounds do you condemn? Her life just like your life, is hers to live Her mistakes, just like your mistakes are her own stepping stones to greatness She has decided move on. At first, she wanted to be just like you She wanted to cry She wanted to deny She thought of self... Continue Reading →

Rant post – Have you seen them?

If you haven't seen them, ask me about who they are because I see them almost everyday. If you use social media, you probably would have come across these so called marketers. They get online marketing all wrong and the end result is angry people who would never do business with them. Like me. What... Continue Reading →

You too can be great

What do you like to do? Immerse yourself and make something big out of it. The genius you read about today and the mentor that motivated you yesterday, are ordinary people who immersed themselves in their passion and became great. You too can be great. It is said that 10,000 hours of practice can help... Continue Reading →

How to turn your web blog into a home business

Aside writing good content and marketing it, this post covers every other thing in between for a successful blogging career.

my five experts

Hundreds of hundreds of brand-new blog sites are developed on a daily basis, as well as lots of people who blog intend to turn their blog into a lucrative residence service. However a lot of those blogs are doomed as a result of a lack of planning.

You could transform YOUR brand-new blog right into a money-maker.

Just comply with these five actions. Notification that you should complete four of these steps before you begin blogging, so follow the action in the order where they’re offered.

Right here are the five steps to blog revenues:

1. Choose what you’ll market from your blog

To produce profits, your blog must make sales. Nothing takes place until you sell something, so select a revenue center first.

You can select: to sell advertising and marketing from your blog; to sell an item or numerous products; or to sell solutions – your own services…

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Let’s be friends

You: Let's be friends Lead: Yes, but why? This is the level at which you can find your potential customers. They are not like your colleagues or acquaintances, whose friendship is a given, although the degree of interaction will definitely vary. But your potentials are only ready to befriend you if you promise them value.... Continue Reading →

Tag that squatter

squat skwät/ verb crouch or sit with one's knees bent and one's heels close to or touching one's buttocks or the back of one's thighs. - dictionary.com If you attended a government-owned tertiary institution, you should be familiar with the more elaborate meaning of squat. You see, living quarters are usually not enough for the... Continue Reading →

Love yourself first

You cannot give what you do not have, unless you are borrowing from A to forward to B. How do you plan to love your neighbour as yourself if you do not love yourself first? If you are keen about spreading positivity, making people feel loved and happy, then you should love yourself first. Only... Continue Reading →

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