Two books you should read in 2016

This year is almost gone and in a few days, we will be wishing each other a happy new year. Some of us keep new year resolutions while others do not. If you have one already please include the following and if you do not have like me but just wish to be better everyday step by step, include this in your unorganised schedule.

Book One

The first book is the one you write everyday. You may call it a diary but I call it notes. I call it notes because it does not have to be organised or contain the special events you don’t want to forget. You may keep it on your mobile device or on a small notebook.

You generate ideas now and then no matter how minute it may be, but your busy day and environment usually keep you from reflecting. You may also see things that amount to useful experience and knowledge but you are too distracted to really process these occurences. This is why you need a note to write down your experiences, tasks, ideas, memories.

If you really think about it, you would realise that nothing is really new to you because you learn everyday, however, the capacity to process the learnings is what is missing. By having a note with you and the desire to write in the note everyday, you will find that as time goes on you increase in knowledge, improve on your writing ability, and also look forward to starting a new day.

Also, if you keep a note, you won’t have to store too much information on your memory, this can assist you in thinking fast and being proactive in present situations. You would also develop the ability to relate issues with another and see why some things happen; keeping a note would expose you to the world you live in and help you find yourself and teach you the life skills needed for self development.

Book Two

If you are one of those that ended up not studying their choice course in the university, this is for you. You would really love to be a Lawyer, a Doctor, but now you are an Accountant. Just pick up a book on your desired course and study. You can take it further by having a timetable and studying from the beginners’ level up. Give yourself the learning outside the classroom and be what you always want to be. This would give you a sense of fulfilment, enlightment, a true diversification and satisfaction to an inner hunger.

Now most of you may say that there is no time for all these, but really, you can accomplish whatever it is you set your mind on doing. Do not give room for laziness and mediocrity. This is 2016.


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