Have you ever wondered who you really are

Have you ever wondered who you really are? This is not a question about your name or what people around you tell you about yourself. It is not even on what you think of yourself based on your experiences, popular beliefs, or imaginations.

It is based on the things you do that make you recognize your fears, strengths, weakness and hopes as an individual and how to deal with these factors whenever they confront you.

The argument

Several times, we refer to events around the world in a manner that makes me wonder if we have more than one world. We pass judgment, criticize wrongly, and desperately grope at excuses to justify our own wrong doings.

However, I have also realized that it is not intentional for people to behave this way, instead, it is an outcome of self righteousness and an assumption of having discovered who we are.

In the quest to know who we are, we have listened to opinions about us from others, pondered on our experiences and the events we witnessed, all within a defined environment and a given space of time. It would of course be wrong to give ourselves a static identity based on findings from the aformentioned activities.

What is right is to keep finding answers and evolve, as you drop your unfavorable habits and imbibe new ones along the way.

To think you know yourself does little to develop you for a long period of time, as you may tend to lose interest in the quest for continuous exploration of your environment and events. This can make you oblivious to the fact that as long as you are alive, you remain a work in progress.

In my next articles, I will show you how you can keep a balanced track of what you become as you encounter life in an ever changing world.


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