The angels around us

A video is currently making rounds on the internet about a pastor that commanded Angels of God to come down from heaven and they did. You can watch the video here. In my own humble opinion, it is a complete hogwash.

It’s not that I do not believe in religion or spirituality, my opinion is based on the mere fact that Angels are not little, chubby babies flying around with little toys disguised as a bow and arrow. Angels are around us everyday, guiding us, protecting us, and bringing out the best in us.

At home, our Angels are the voice of our parents that does not get tired of teaching us wrong from right, their unending love for us and their acts of suffering to provide for our needs. We also have the love from our siblings that surpasses any love we can get aside the love of God, the love of ourselves and the love of our parents.

In social gatherings, the Angel in you is what has been helping you stand out among peers even without being financially the best among them. Your Angel is that voice that enjoins you to do good, be charitable, kind, gentle, and mindful of others. It is also that optimistic voice within you that tells you to keep moving and never give up when the going gets tough.

At work, the Angel around you is the bad network that stops that email from being sent probably because you made a spelling or formatting mistake that may cost you, so that you are able to correct the mistake and resend the mail. It is that trigger that pulls you back to reality when you are carried away at your desk so that you are able to return to work with full attention.

We encounter Angels daily in immeasurable ways with or without our knowledge; as we wonder at times, how we are able to escape from being hit by a vehicle after a near miss or how we were the only ones not robbed in a mass robbery attack.

Once again, in my own humble opinion, there will be no time when we will feel cold or see white clouds or flying babies as a significance of the presence of angels, even though they are always with us.

God has dispatched them to cater to us and we are only able to keep them with us for as long as the humanity in us is alive and being practiced.


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