We are who we are

In the world where we have been brought up with certain man made beliefs as the norm for living, and in the society where situations have seen many of us reacting or living as we would not have if the situations were as it should be, that is, as made by nature, it is very easy to lose values and forget what we really stand for.

In our daily quest for knowledge, finances, education, and every other thing that make us move from one point to the other, we encounter several occurrences and people that shape what we become consciously or unconsciously. It is usually hard to keep track of these situations due to the fact that we are too busy to reflect on each and every happening, or that everything happens so fast that we may even miss them. Gradually, we lost our main purposes, and become what we are looking for. We become our job, our finance, education, and so on. When in actual fact, we are neither of these things.

We are who we are and we are unique in our own ways. We are honest, powerful, and humane. We were made by nature to respond to situations, and not to react. We were naturally made to be neighborly and considerate.

As a child, you did not know about having grudges with your fellow child friend, neither do you know about rudeness. These were due to your natural innocence and newness to the world. Imagine if throughout your growing up, everybody around you was also forgiving and respectful, everywhere you go; you would remain in your conscious state of inexperience and gentle humanity; as made by nature. However, this is not the case. Everybody is becoming defensive against their environment. Everybody is reacting, and losing values.

This brings me back to the purpose of this blog. It is solely to take us to back to our roots, where we began life as everybody’s friend, where we regarded each other as of the same family, where everybody looked out for each other, where we were more concerned about our values and what we stand for. Where everybody was royal in their own way.


3 thoughts on “We are who we are

  1. Love this! My husband and I were just talking about how neighborhoods used to be people watching out for other people. And now, I barely know my neighbors. We are in a community where people stay inside, or go to a park, but rarely do they communicate. It’s very sad. Thanks for sharing this!


    1. Thanks Vicki. I am glad you could relate with my thoughts and also that there are still people who value being real. Cheers!


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