Making sense out of your confusions

Confusion is everywhere. It grows faster than weeds. At times you feel you are on top of matters and in one breathe everything has turned upside down. In moments like this you become demoralised, demotivated and unable to do anything further.

Imagine how a simple task of tying your shoelace can turn into something else because the laces have all tangled up. To make matters worst, you might even be running late and all you needed was just to tie up your shoe lace, not get confused!

Another more serious scenario is when you are at a panel job interview, and one of the interviewers asks you to tell them about yourself. Excuse me oga, I am not understanding. You are holding my CV of 3 pages and my application letter of over 400 words, what else do you want to know? Okay, my nickname is idonkia and I sleep with my legs against the wall. On a more serious note, you are likely to experience mild confusion in this situation because you do not know where to start from.

The big confusion comes in when you finally get the job. You applied for the role of an accountant, and on your first day, they gave you a letter to type. Mr. Manager, I no be typist, which kain confusion be this?!

It is almost impossible to spend a day without these headaches. How will you stay up and remain sane?

Confuse them too. Anybody that comes into your life with the aim of making you feel like coming and going at the same time, please make them feel like bathing and drying their skin at the same time too. Be nice but do not allow anyone to make you feel incompetent for any reason. Whoever wants to counter your opinion should have a better one, the person should not just be a naysayer. Naysayers cause confusion. A lot.

Let go. If you have to think too much to make sense out of a situation, you will be wasting too much energy. Let the matter be and move on to other productive activities. Some things are not really worth pondering over because the more you try to reason them out, the more confused you become, leaving you in a vegetative state of wasted hours, energy and emotion.

Slow down. Most times you get confused because you are trying to do multiple things at a time especially if the tasks are unrelated. You need to slow down here, you are not a robot. If you are working so hard because you want to beat deadlines, then do it the right way. Have a list of all your tasks and assign feasible hours to them, then start working on each one from the most urgent. If you work this way, you will find out you are more efficient without making mistakes or feeling directionless.

Always be early. Your shoe lace may get tangled at any time. An overnight accident might have caused a huge gridlock on your route. Anything may have happened. If you have to meet up with someone, leave your abode in good time so that you won’t arrive at your destination looking like the penguin below.



4 thoughts on “Making sense out of your confusions

  1. Yes, very right. But knowing that whatever is meant to hit you will never miss you keeps you back on track. The pen has been lifted and the ink is dry. Be happy


    1. Thanks sis, for stopping by


  2. This is an informative, yet humorous post. Wehdon ma


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