Tag that squatter

crouch or sit with one’s knees bent and one’s heels close to or touching one’s buttocks or the back of one’s thighs. – dictionary.com

If you attended a government-owned tertiary institution, you should be familiar with the more elaborate meaning of squat. You see, living quarters are usually not enough for the large number of students who prefer to live on campus. This inability of the school authority to provide adequate accommodation causes course mates to live together in small rooms. They sleep on the same bed, squat in the tiny space and catch all the fun they could while enjoying their academic pursuits. I was in this position during school either squatting with my friends or in the reverse.

Do not believe me when I said it was all fun, because it actually was not, at least not all the time. It is only when you have started living with your friend that you will realize she was a dirty being as opposed to the prim and proper chic in class. It is even at that time you will see how intolerant you are. You probably sleep in a big bed at home so you have no experience of sharing a very small mattress with another sleeper.

Squatting in this case, is a pure moment of truth. If you enjoyed it while it lasted like I did, you would come to know that it is actually an adventure. Besides, whatever discomfort I had to put up with was for a limited period of time, and what are you friends with people for if you cannot go extra miles with them or vice versa.

Now to the squatters outside of school. What about them? They dislike making the first move towards a mutual goal, not until you have achieved it halfway. They will then come with their tents, wanting to pitch in your camp. The toxic ones would even stay with you while disregarding the idea and once you drop it, they pick it up. They are everywhere and hard to identify. One place where you can easily meet these species is in the corporate setting.

They are also at your workplace, if you love your job well, stay far away from them. These ones will squat with you from inception to attack unfavorable management decisions. But if your planned action should backfire, they would disappear at the speed of lightning, leaving you to bear the consequences of your joint actions. Beware.

I have also identified the domestic squatters. You can find them in your siblings and real friends. You might suddenly notice a till death do us part love coming to you from your sister. Then before you blink, the love has returned to normal, after you must have done her a favor. Sorry, she had just squatted with you to get what she wanted, otherwise, you may not have budged or paid the rapt attention you gave to her.

Have you identified any squatter? Tag them. What about you, are you a squatter?



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