Rant post – Have you seen them?

If you haven’t seen them, ask me about who they are because I see them almost everyday.

If you use social media, you probably would have come across these so called marketers. They get online marketing all wrong and the end result is angry people who would never do business with them. Like me.

What I do mostly is remove these people from my connection list, unfollow them and block them completely.

**Rant alert**

If you go about spamming your connections’ mailbox with unwanted offers, you are doing your business more harm than good.

You would say it is just my mailbox you are spamming, but really, I cherish my mailbox and the content that comes into it. If I didn’t ask for it, or expressly allow you to message me, your mail is junk and your account is spammy, so the way of junk you go… inside the trash my dear.

Why I am angry at these people is because they are busy doing nothing but wasting resources. My own time that I spend filtering bad emails from useful ones is one resource, and the other is their clients’ or employers’ resources.

Some of them are even agents who have paying clients. These clients are unaware of the fact that they are wasting money on their online marketing efforts. It is wastage because the agents they are paying are speaking to the wrong people and also causing them to lose audience.

Some marketers in the real estate sector are notorious for this act. Once you accept their invitation to connect, they start sending you unprofessional and annoying emails almost everyday.

If I want to buy or invest in real estate, I would definitely contact you to open discussions only after I have seen what you do and how well you do it. That is why it is called inbound. You need to attract me to your business with quality content and consistency before I can trust you well enough to buy real estate from you.

Some of these people buy email lists or fish out email addresses in an almost fraudulent manner. Fine, on some platforms, the email address is available where you can see it but what happened to ethics? Are you supposed to just copy it and start disturbing the owner with junks? What happened to sending a message or a mention right there on the platform to ask if your potential would be interested in your email? What happened to publishing and sharing valuable contents? What happened to building your list with offers such as eBooks and infographics?

If you want to send emails containing your business offers, build your list! It is that simple. It is not everybody who follows you back on social media that is interested in your business, at least not immediately. But sending them countless emails about your 90% off offer will not attract them to your business in any way if they don’t need to patronize you. Instead, it would cause them to blacklist you and never want to hear from you again.

**Rant over**

How are you coping with these type of emails?



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