The Naturally Anonymous blog was started to share my moments, experiences, ideas, and inspirations with you. You are also welcome to share yours. As the popular saying goes, there is love in sharing. By sharing, we learn from each other’s experiences and become more knowledgeable in the process.

I chose Naturally Anonymous as the name for this blog to reflect the objectivity of the articles that you will be reading here from time to time. The name also shows the overall aim of this blog, which is to gradually take you and I back to our roots, when we were everybody’s friends and looked out for each other.

I have seen firsthand how the quest for fame, recognition, wealth, and other gains can make people turn into negatives and I always wonder if these are the same people I used to know. I hope to awaken our consciousness to the fact that we need to give and receive love in order to truly attain any height of success or fame, and most importantly, happiness.

We have lost our identity due to one situation or the other. Identity here does not refer to your name or physical appearance. I am talking about the morals and values that make us humans, and as a result of this, humanity is reducing day by day.

As a matter of fact, we all encounter situations that are capable of shaking the foundations of the truth and value that we stand for, however, we should be human enough to respond and not react. We should be natural.

All the articles on this blog will be focused on keeping us on the right tracks of our true selves and also help us to manifest the humanity in us no matter how adverse the situation may be. I hope to help you remain anonymous and naturally responsive to situations in the ever surprising and changing world.

I will be publishing all articles in the first person tense. However, you might come across some articles that are published in the third person language. They are either submitted by authors who may or may not be named (based on their preference), or are published in the language that passes across my message in the most effective way.

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