The Human Value Project

Human value in the context of this project means:

  • The qualities of a good person
  • The attributes that we should normally exhibit in our daily endeavors
  • The values that we give and receive as a true meaning of loving your neighbor as yourself

The purpose of this project is to create awareness and trigger an urgent need to become a better person for ourselves and the society at large.

We cannot deny the prevalent level of societal decay and ignorance of these days. This project intends to serve as an eye opener and a thought provoking tool to the readers in order to arrest further damage of intellectual and proper reasoning.

I have created a list of around 150 human values (listed below and not exhaustive) that writers will explore and create into articles in their own language, taking into account their experiences and personal opinions. The articles, which will typically be of at least 100 words, will contain the following sections:

  • Topic: Human value (value) e.g. Human value – on being employed
  • Introduction to (value)
  • How to become a/an (value) person
  • Characteristics of a (value) person
  • Why you should be a (value) person
  • Conclusion: relating (value) to humanity, social good and self development.
  • Further reading on (value): this will usually be either of the following:
    • A link to an article or a website that discusses typically about human beings (psychological, physiological, medical, political, economical)
    • A textbook, novel or any write-up that you know talks extensively about the (value)
    • Any article written by you that talks about the value,
    • Other relevant resources that discuss the value

Be an author in The Human Value Project

Kindly be informed that this is not a paid job. I hereby call on positive thinking individuals to join me on this cause. An ideal author is an individual who is interested in peace advocacy, human development, eradication of ignorance, and overall mental development of the today’s youth in their location, and the world at large. If you are interested in preaching your piece to the society,  please join me. All you need is the power of your pen and unique intellect.

How to participate

Write and publish the post(s) on your blog based on the guidelines above and add “hvp” to the tag. Then drop the post link in the comments​ section of this page.


After the project, all the write-ups will be compiled and presented to the public in eBook format free of charge.

Human value topics

  1. Resourceful
  2. Emphatic
  3. Initiative
  4. Consistent
  5. Organised
  6. Evaluative
  7. Proactive
  8. Charitable
  9. Rewarding
  10. Respectful
  11. Enthusiastic
  12. Flexible
  13. Approachable
  14. Inspired
  15. Intuition
  16. Creative
  17. Positive
  18. Commitment
  19. Confident
  20. Communicative
  21. Gracious
  22. Reserved
  23. Dignified
  24. Polite
  25. Honesty
  26. Noble
  27. Humane
  28. Courageous
  29. Responsible
  30. Enduring
  31. Optimistic
  32. Educated
  33. Delegate
  34. Open-minded
  35. Resourceful
  36. Directive
  37. Convincing
  38. Tolerant
  39. Committed
  40. Excellent
  41. Fearless
  42. Attentive
  43. Listener
  44. Transparent
  45. Authentic
  46. Calm
  47. Learner
  48. Diverse
  49. Innovative
  50. Focused
  51. Accepts
  52. Effective
  53. Efficient
  54. Patient
  55. Self-respect
  56. Selfless
  57. Genuine
  58. Caring
  59. Kind
  60. Helpful
  61. Loving
  62. Understands
  63. Obeys
  64. Objective
  65. Generous
  66. Mannered
  67. Friendly
  68. Altruistic
  69. Fair
  70. Integrity
  71. Faithful
  72. Just
  73. Family oriented
  74. Peaceful
  75. Healthy
  76. Fit
  77. Supportive
  78. Adaptable
  79. Does not procrastinate
  80. Compassionate
  81. Nurturing
  82. Adventurous
  83. Disciplined
  84. Mature
  85. Sensitive
  86. Employed
  87. Awesome
  88. Athletic
  89. Forward thinker
  90. Racial tolerant
  91. Humourous​
  92. Friendly
  93. Smart
  94. Easygoing
  95. Quiet
  96. Independent
  97. Ambitious
  98. Charming
  99. Risk taker
  100. Attractive
  101. Spiritual
  102. Hardworking
  103. Well-spoken
  104. Does not smoke
  105. Fiscally responsible
  106. Common sensual
  107. Artistic
  108. Not vain
  109. Tech savvy
  110. Green thumb
  111. Concerned
  112. Speaks more than one language
  113. Self aware
  114. Happy
  115. Humble
  116. Forgiving
  117. Righteous
  118. Gentle
  119. Joyful
  120. Considerate
  121. Does not backbite
  122. Agreeable
  123. Bright
  124. Neat
  125. Nice
  126. Placid
  127. Sincere
  128. Not lazy
  129. Not jealous
  130. Not a sly
  131. Powerful
  132. Universal
  133. Conformist
  134. Tradition
  135. Minimalist
  136. Global citizen
  137. Always ready to be better
  138. Not covetous
  139. Compassionate
  140. Thinker
  141. Doer
  142. Loyal
  143. Emotionally open
  144. Reads
  145. Writes
  146. Researcher
  147. Collaborative
  148. Cooperative
  149. Sincere
  150. Even

3 thoughts on “The Human Value Project

  1. This is a laudable project, ma sha Allah. I’m in. I shall let you know when I have an article on any of the values, in sha Allah. May Allah reward you in abundance for initiating such project. Ameen.


    1. Toyin Adekola 03/08/2017 — 1:03 am

      Amin. Thank you Sister.


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