Making sense out of your confusions

Confusion is everywhere. It grows faster than weeds. At times you feel you are on top of matters and in one breathe everything has turned upside down. In moments like this you become demoralised, demotivated and unable to do anything further. Imagine how a simple task of tying your shoelace can turn into something else... Continue Reading →


Human value: on being employed

You may be wondering what being employed has in common with human value. I will answer your question with one popular saying, "an idle mind is the devil's workshop". To breakdown my answer, let's define an idle mind. Being idle means being in the state of doing nothing, thinking shallow. An idle mind is the... Continue Reading →

We are who we are

In the world where we have been brought up with certain man made beliefs as the norm for living, and in the society where situations have seen many of us reacting or living as we would not have if the situations were as it should be, that is, as made by nature, it is very... Continue Reading →

The angels around us

A video is currently making rounds on the internet about a pastor that commanded Angels of God to come down from heaven and they did. You can watch the video here. In my own humble opinion, it is a complete hogwash. It's not that I do not believe in religion or spirituality, my opinion is... Continue Reading →

Two books you should read in 2016

This year is almost gone and in a few days, we will be wishing each other a happy new year. Some of us keep new year resolutions while others do not. If you have one already please include the following and if you do not have like me but just wish to be better everyday... Continue Reading →

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